Well-designed bespoke fitted wardrobes should fit perfectly into any bedroom. Whether you’re looking for fitted wardrobes for small or large bedrooms, it’s important to make the best use of the space you have available within that room… with a bespoke solution. 

Quite often, fitted bedroom furniture suppliers will use fixed size wardrobe doors, which are smaller than the available dimensions. They will use infills to fill the leftover gaps. The end result is a standard sized wardrobe that wastes a lot of space around the edges and top, which could be much better used to increase interior wardrobe capacity. 

At Design Haus Bedrooms, we design bespoke fitted wardrobes that are unique to each individual’s room and tastes. We will come out to you and assess your requirements with our free design consultation and follow up with a customised plan for your own unique bedroom. 

Our fitted bedroom ideas are centred around maximising space with our fitted bedroom designs always bespoke. More than this, we believe that modern fitted bedrooms and living areas should feature stylish fitted wardrobes that not only look good next to your contemporary fitted bedroom furniture or living room furniture, but they are practical, too. 

Take a look at the images below of a Design Haus bespoke fitted wardrobe, next to a wardrobe that would typically be provided by other fitted bedroom furniture suppliers. The wardrobes are fitted into the same space in the same room. You can see how we maximise the use of space with our designs – no unnecessary infills, just perfectly fitted, stylish wardrobes. 

In the example below, the overall available space measures 280cm high by 262.5cm wide. 

Our bespoke fitted wardrobes fill the area entirely, whereas the other typical example uses 270cm fixed height doors, with a total width of 232.5cmThat’s 30cm wasted space in width10cm interior space lost per wardrobe section! PLUS, 10cm lost on top! This is typical of some fitted bedroom furniture suppliers

This space is much better off being put to good use, to store your clothes and accessories. It just makes sense.

Let us show you…

Other SuppliersDesign Haus Solution
Fixed size doors – infills around the top and sides

This reduces the amount of interior space for your clothes and accessories.

Full size doors – same space

We fill the space available, with bespoke full-sized doors and interiors.


Other SuppliersDesign Haus Solution
Fixed size doors – access

The infills around the top and sides impact on the amount of usable interior space.

Full size doors – bigger interior

No infills mean improved access and more usable interior space.


Other SuppliersDesign Haus Solution
Fixed size door interior, with infills around the sides

Each wardrobe section is 775mm in width, with infills around the wardrobe edges.

Full door interior space – additional 10cm space per wardrobe section

Our solution gives an extra 10cm width per wardrobe section.


A view from the top – other suppliers

You can see the effect of infills here. A lot of wasted space at the top and around the sides, which could be put to much better use.


As you can see, our bespoke fitted wardrobes are truly made to measure. They not only fit the space perfectly, but they are also beautifully designed to complement your bedroom or living room.

If you’d like to know more, book a free design appointment, contact us, or start a chat with us on the bottom right of your screen.