Complaints Policy and Procedure

 1. We are Design Haus Bedrooms (a trading name of THE-DESIGN-HAUS LIMITED). Our registered office is located at Springfields, Bearley Road, Aston Cantlow, Henley in Arden, B95 6HZ.

How to make a complaint.

2. Should you have a complaint, contact us as soon as possible. It is our policy to do our utmost to consider and resolve any complaint quickly.

3. If you wish to communicate your complaint by telephone, please call Colin Taylor on 07469 458 429. Hopefully your complaint will be quickly resolved at this stage.

4. (1) If your complaint is not resolved at the telephone stage or if you would prefer to set out your complaint in writing, please either write to us at the registered address given above or email 

  (2) If you are making a complaint in writing, PLEASE:-

a. Provide your name, address, daytime telephone number, and an email address because we will need to contact you.

b. Provide the address to which the complaint relates.

c. The date(s) and time(s) when the events relating to the complaint happened.

d. Tell us what we did or what we did not do which has led to your complaint.

e. Attach any photographs or documents which are relevant and may help us.

f. Tell us exactly what you want us to do put things right.

How we will deal with your complaint.

5. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by writing to you as soon as reasonably possible, usually within 2 working days of receipt. (“Working days” means weekdays, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and all the usual Bank Holidays). We will also send a copy of this Policy / Procedure).

6. Then we will investigate the facts of your complaint. We may contact you by telephone and/or email and/or letter to clarify any matters which seem to us unclear and are necessary to resolving properly your complaint.

7. (1) Within 10 working days of receipt of your complaint we will contact you in writing to tell you the final outcome of your complaint. If, for any reason, we have been unable to provide an outcome within 10 days, we will tell you so in writing and tell you when you can expect a final outcome.

   (2) The final outcome may be :-

a. An offer to put things right even if we do not accept the basis of the complaint.

b. An offer to put things right because we accept your complaint.

c. That we do not accept your complaint.

8. If you are dissatisfied with our final outcome decision, you are of course entitled to pursue formal legal routes to obtain satisfaction. Nothing in this policy affects your statutory rights.

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