Corner Wardrobe Design in Birmingham and Bristol

If you are searching for refreshing and stylish corner wardrobe ideas in Birmingham, Bristol and surrounding areas, then Design Haus Bedrooms has the perfect options.

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Designed to fit even the most angular, complex-shaped bedrooms, our range of corner wardrobe designs and bedroom corner wardrobe solutions in Bristol and Birmingham are cleverly crafted to maximise every inch of your room. We work with you to create corner wardrobe solutions that fit your lifestyle, needs, aesthetic and even the tightest of spaces to make use of every last inch of space.

A corner wardrobe can be a game changer, especially in smaller-sized or awkwardly shaped areas. Whether in the bedroom as a wardrobe, in the office or living area for storage, or in the kitchen for utensils, the uses are plentiful. Take it from us: making use of corners with storage can bring added value to any tight space.

If you’re stuck for ideas on corner clothes storage in Birmingham, Bristol or across the UK, our team of experts can help. We’ve got everything from built-in corner wardrobe ideas to corner wardrobe designs with mirror sliding doors and more.

Our corner-fitted wardrobes come in various designs to fit any home and range from modern to traditional. Whether you need extra hanging room, more storage, or both, we can build you a fitted corner wardrobe solution ideal for your needs.

The size of our corner wardrobes varies, depending entirely on your specifications and the available space. It is possible to plan a wardrobe as tall as the ceiling and also design one that uses only part of the available height. A corner wardrobe solution is also ideal for areas with sloped ceilings, so it is designed according to the angles and height. 

Our goal is to allow you free rein to develop your corner wardrobe ideas to create the perfect wardrobe corner solutions for your bedroom. To find the right corner wardrobe solutions for you, Book a Free Design Appointment with Design Haus Bedrooms today – let’s work together and think outside the…wardrobe.