Hallway Storage

The hallway is usually the first place for your home to make an impression. It’s only natural you wnat to keep your day in-use belonging out of sight and organised.

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With our bespoke hallway storage solutions in Bristol, Birmingham and the surrounding areas, we make use of every inch of space to give you a well-maintained and clean environment. We have a wide range of hallway storage options to help make sure your morning starts off smoothly, with no misplaced items, no cluttered floor, and no worries! 

Our tailored hallway wardrobes in Birmingham, Bristol and beyond are designed with your space in mind. They fit snugly along the length of your hallway while making sure that none of your valuable storage space is wasted. Not only will these cleverly designed wardrobes give you plenty of room to store whatever you need, they add an extra level of sophistication to the look and feel of your home.

White Matt Folding Door Sliding Wardrobe

Our matt folding door hallway wardrobe is perfect for easy access and trouble free hallway storage. Its sleek matt finish combined with our wide range of colours makes it a great option for matching your house’s style, while still giving you efficient hallway storage solutions! Check it out here!

Purple & Green Striped Hallway Storage

Looking to add some colour to your hallway? With our striped sliding door hallway storage option, you can choose from a range of styles and colours to make your hallway stand out. This vibrant option gives you the freedom to choose, to help get the best solution for your hallway wardrobe ideas!

Larch Wood Hallway Sliding Wardrobe

The beautiful patterns and rich hues of wood can be the perfect way to add a natural feeling to your hallway. With our larch wood sliding door hallway wardrobe, you get a rich and stunning patterned wood, alongside effortless access to all the things you keep in your hallway, from shoes and coats, to bags, cases or even the kids’ toys. This could be your perfect hallway storage solution!

Dark Pine & Bronze Mirror Sliding Wardrobe

This hallway storage option gives you a stylish modern design, with large storage space and customisable colouring, making it easy to match with the décor of your hallway! Not only this but the added mirrors make it that much easier to check out your clothing right before you leave the house, as well as reflecting any natural light that comes in, making the whole hallway that much more vibrant. Check it out!

Black & White Glass Hallway Storage

This sleek glass designed hallway wardrobe gives a beautiful contrast between black and white. It is uniquely suited for nearly every room in the house, especially your hallway, and can provide the perfect hallway storage solution for you, whether it be coats, shoes, umbrellas, or anything else, this wardrobe has you covered!