Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family comes together to enjoy good food in good company. We never want to see our kitchen in a mess, and good kitchen storage goes a long way to make mealtimes stress and mess-free. Check out our wide variety of custom-made fitted kitchen wardrobes and cupboards. All designed specifically to fit around your lifestyle, no matter what size, space, or style, we’ve got you covered!

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Our expert craftsmanship ensures that whatever look and feel you’re going for is exactly what we deliver. You get complete control over every aspect of the design.

Choose from our range of colours, finishes and door styles to find one that suits your unique style. From classic white to modern glass kitchen wardrobes across Bristol, Birmingham and the surrounding areas, we have something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re going for a sleek minimalist look or a traditional country feel in your kitchen, our kitchen storage will help make it happen. We understand that design is key to making a great first impression. Not only do we want you to be delighted with the visual impact, but you’ll also enjoy the practicality our products offer. Take a look at some of our kitchen storage solutions below.

kitchen storage

Pastel Green Folding Sliding Door Wardrobe

Take a look at our beautiful folding and sliding-door kitchen wardrobe, perfectly combining a calm and clean green colour with effective and efficient storage space for all your kitchen storage needs!

Green & Orange Glass Sliding Wardrobe

Check out this easy to use sliding wardrobe. With its stunning colours and polished surface, it is sure to liven up and add colour to your kitchen or dining room. It combines this with efficient and easy to access storage. A perfect kitchen storage solution for you!

kitchen storage

Dark Blue Hinged Door Kitchen Storage

These more traditional storage cabinets offer variety and accessibility to your storage issues, as well as a calming blue that brings the best of your kitchen out. With limitless potential for storage, this is a great option for any kitchen space!

Concrete Finish Sliding Door Storage

Like our other sliding door storage options, this kitchen storage solution combines ease of access with efficient storage space for all your kitchen appliances and utensils. And with a clean concrete grey finish, this brings out the shine of a white kitchen, allowing for a clean and bright look!

kitchen storage

White & Clear Glass Oriental Sliding Wardrobe

With these oriental style sliding wardrobes, the clean white burnished colour of the glass, and the storage potential, the colour and style of the whole room is enhanced, whilst making it cleaner and more comfortable. Check it out!

Urban Oak White Corner Wardrobe

Coming in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit the feel of any kitchen, these corner wardrobes make excellent use of space that would usually go to waste. If you are looking for efficient kitchen storage for your home, then look no further!

kitchen storage

Patterned Glass Sliding Doors

Looking for a little more out of your glass sliding doors? Check out our huge variety of patterns and designs, from calming to vibrant and with all the colours in between, we have you covered!