Small bedroom storage solutions can often be frustrating. In fact, fitting everything you need (and want) in a small bedroom can be challenging. But, with great storage solutions and some savvy organisational skills you can create a beautiful and comfortable space to sleep. 

No clutter and no mess. Whether it’s for a spare room, master bedroom or a child’s room, we have some great, functional ideas on how to utilise space in a small bedroom. 

Creative Storage

A small bedroom doesn’t have to be an empty space, it can be small and perfectly formed. Storage benches, baskets and shelves are all good storage solutions to maximise the space. 

Multi-functional bed

Multifunctional beds are a great way to get the most out of your space. For example, a high-rise bed is a particularly good option for a child’s bedroom or a spare room / office. With a desk and shelving below a single bed, it offers more storage and a place for them to do their homework (or work) without using precious floor space.


A daybed is great if you want to make use of the space during the day, it can be the perfect spot to relax with a good book. What’s more, you can find some great options with handy storage drawers too. A comfortable space to enjoy by day, a good night’s sleep by night. 

Corner mirror wardrobe

Fitted corner wardrobe solutions are a popular choice for creating a functional, seamless finish in any room, without compromising storage capabilities. One of the best advantages of corner wardrobes is their ability to fit into, and utilise small spaces. 

Maximise your space with Mirrors

Furthermore, a corner solution with a sliding mirror door has the added benefit of instantly making a room feel bigger and brighter. 

Storage bed

Storage beds are an easy solution to getting everything you need in a small bedroom, without it feeling cluttered or untidy.

Strategically place your bed

Rearranging your room to have the bed in front of the window may maximise the floor space in small bedrooms and also utilises the natural light.

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