Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Exceptional Storage for Modern Living

Create a beautiful space in any room in your home with our range of custom-made fitted sliding wardrobes. Transform your bedroom into a clutter free, peaceful space that is both modern and homely and perfect to relax in. We will work with you during the design process, ensuring your wardrobe will match your taste and theme before bringing your ideas to life. With a bespoke sliding wardrobe, we can meet your room’s exact measurements and design a storage solution that fits in with your lifestyle and storage requirements too. 

Our sliding wardrobes are expertly made, with innovative designs and efficient wardrobe interiors to help you achieve a space that  allows for peaceful recuperation. We will maximise the existing space in your bedroom and enhance the room’s dynamics with designs and fittings that are completely bespoke to your home.

Choose from a wide range of wardrobe interiors and accessories to compliment your wardrobe and optimise your storage space even further. With Design Haus Bedrooms sliding wardrobes, you can create a beautifully bespoke storage solution that is stylish and tasteful, creating a bedroom that you are truly proud of.