Sloped Ceiling Wardrobes

Sloping ceilings can sometimes give you quite a headache – and not just when you bump into them. In many households, sloped ceilings remain either unused or only partially used. But that doesn’t have to be the case. In bedrooms, sloped ceiling wardrobes offer much storage space potential if the furniture is planned and designed correctly.

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At Design Haus Bedrooms, we offer many solutions to maximise your sloped ceilings, from free-standing sloped ceiling wardrobes to built-in wardrobes for slanted ceilings.

Sloped spaces offer a unique living environment but, at the same time, can also present interior design challenges. Design Haus Bedrooms provides sloped ceiling wardrobes that can be customised to fit whatever space is available. Whether ceilings slope steeply or gently, our angled wardrobes and free-standing wardrobes for sloping ceilings offer full functionality, creating an attractive interplay of parallel lines. 

Making the most of a sloped ceiling

There are many ways to get the best use out of your sloped ceilings with furniture like angled wardrobes and wardrobes for sloping ceilings. Some ideas for maximising your sloped spaces include:

  • Create a workspace
  • Design a new storage space underneath the stairs
  • Install a built-in wardrobe for slanted ceilings for extra clothes storage
  • Take advantage of the sloping roof with a walk-in, sloped ceiling wardrobe

For more ideas of maximising your space with wardrobes for sloping ceilings, view more of our suggestions here.

Designing your dream sloped ceiling wardrobe

If a sloped ceiling wardrobe is the perfect option to maximise your underutilised, slanted spaces, then book your free design consultation with Design Haus Bedrooms today! During the consultation, we take exact measurements of the room and the sloping roof to help you design the angled wardrobe of your dreams.