If you’ve spent years cramming screwed-up t-shirts into small dark corners and hours searching through dishevelled rails for something to wear, having a walk-in wardrobe with the correct fittings will change your life.

A designated space that keeps your clothes and accessories organised makes you more efficient and allows you to take better care of your clothes. Even if you don’t have space for a full walk-in wardrobe system, customising your wardrobe using modular components and smart wardrobe interiors will maximise your space.

In fact, with careful planning and design you’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in and how much more you’ll enjoy getting dressed each morning. 

Top tips when planning your walk-in wardrobe

1. Design for your storage needs

The right walk-in wardrobe fittings can offer you flexibility for differing layouts, compartment heights and all your accessory storage needs, allowing everything to have its place. What’s more, if the wardrobe is to accommodate two people, you can design two separate sections that accommodate each of your needs. 

The first thing you need to do is assess how much full-length and half-length hanging space each of you will need for dresses, coats and trousers; then also consider dedicated shelves for shoes, and a home for other items like bags, hats and accessories. 

Every item in your wardrobe should have a dedicated space. For example, pull-out hanging racks are ideal for scarves and ties while drawers ensure folded items remain neat and allow easy access.

2. Keep it neat and concealed

For a sleek look and feel, consider sliding doors to conceal everything, this will create a neat and streamlined look for the bedroom. Even if everything has a place it doesn’t always mean it will make it back there, and there may be things you don’t want on display.  

3. Light the way 

Lighting is a key consideration in any space, but especially in your wardrobe interior. By design, fitted walk-in wardrobes tend to be closed-in, with little or no lighting from the main room, as natural lighting can cause clothing to fade. Overhead lighting, internal lights or LED strip lighting can make all the difference and illuminate your beautiful new wardrobes. 

If you have a smaller bedroom or need to make the space feel lighter, mirrored sliding doors are a great option. Sliding mirrored doors reflect light, which can really brighten up a room.  

3 walk-in wardrobe ideas

1. Sky’s the limit

A well-designed walk-in wardrobe is all about tailored storage. So for the ultimate experience day-in, day-out make sure your walk in wardrobe maximises storage with the height extended right up to the ceiling. You may even require a step ladder to reach the top shelf but it’ll be worth it to have the space to store items that you don’t need access to on a day-to-day basis. 

2. Finish in style

Another exciting feature of designing a walk-in wardrobe is the extensive choice of external and internal finishes, which can be chosen in line with the rest of your room or home’s style. For example, design haus bedrooms offer personalised door panels using exclusive materials, colours, and patterns to create endless design options.

3. Create the ultimate ‘getting ready’ experience

The ultimate walk-in robe should always feature a full-length mirror within its design, so you can try on your different outfits with ease. In addition, it should have sufficient and most importantly, flattering lighting above this area. Finally, including a dressing table in the space makes it the ultimate getting ready experience. 

Walk-in wardrobe at design haus bedrooms

At design haus bedrooms we offer individual and tailor-made walk-in wardrobes, sliding doors, room dividers, and interior systems for a room solution that makes getting ready a pleasure. Get in touch today to discuss your dream wardrobe solution.